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The manor of Adam Wright. The manor's basement is connected to the caverns underneath Wright's summerhouse. Wright used to do experiments in the cavern and there now resides a being from beyond the veil. In order to contain it, Wright blew up the entrance to the cavern and sealed off the secondary entrance.

When Kaufmann and Wakefield arrive, is it inhabited by Wright and his housekeeper. The manor contains a secret room that can be unlocked by solving Wright's riddle. Wright locked the entrance to the attic where he installed a communication device. With this device he keeps listens to the creature that resides in the cavern complex beneath his manor.

The lion in front of his manor also has a mechanism that opens a hidden study on the first storey. In this study, Kaufmann found evidence for Adam's involvement in the Playwright's schemes.

In the garden, five statues can be found. Four of these statues are linked to switches in and around the manor. Depending on the state of a switch, the linked statue will either hide behind a mask or not. If all four statues no longer hide behind their masks, the fifth statue will drop a compass.

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