After running out of leads in The Wright Manor, Wakefield and Kaufmann decide to hypnotize Adam in order to get more information about the basement. The hypnosis session includes the following dialogue:

Wakefield: Listen to my voice. Where are you know?

Wright: A great number of trees surround me. The sun is setting soon. I can go north or west

Starting the session

West: I'm on the beach. There is a huge rock here. Many birds circle in the sky overhead. To the north, I see the shore. To the west, there is a person.

West: As I approach, the figure darts between the rocks as though it was frightened of me.


To the shore: I stand beside the shore. The water wets my shoes and all around me lie the wrecks of ships. To the north something floats in the water. To the east I can see the edge of the forest.

To the floating object: A body floats in the water. I will not look upon its face


To the edge of the forest: I stand beside a waterfall. It is not water that falls, but mud and rock from a great height. They fall into a bottomless abyss. Behind the waterfall there lies a tunnel. To the west I see the edge of the forest.

Into the tunnel: I am in a dark tunnel. Oscar is here as well. He is upset. He yells at me. He begs me to stop. The tunnel divides in many passages. I can go North, South, West.

North: I'm in a large open space with a piano. Something.... stands next to the piano. I can't see it clearly...... it's face..... The tunnel stretches into the dark.

Further down the tunnel: It's a very small room. In the centre lies a deep pit. A ladder goes down. It is so dark.

Down there it waits....I will not continue.. I must go back!

I cannot go further.I can hear it with me..Its breath....Dear god, i must flee.

I waits for me. It waits down there.

I have gone done the ladder.

I cannot see. It is pitch black.... I..I can feel its breath.. It is here... It's with me!!

During this session, Kaufmann and Wakefield find out that the other entrance is near the ocean. Furthermore, a body and shipwrecks are mentioned. The body could refer to Hugo, who lost his human form, and ceased to exist as himself. The shipwrecks might imply that the experiment doomed Wickport. As the marine business crumbled due to the consequences. Furthermore, they discover the involvement of a person named Oscar.