This article is about the boarding school in Scotland. For the rookery in London, see St. Giles Rookery.
See also The Serum at St. Gall

After the death of Jeremiah's mother, his father sent Jeremiah to a boarding school. Not much is known about Jeremiah or his family at the moment. The most likely reason is that the father did not have time to raise him. St. Gall was a strict Catholic school that was led by Father Ernest.


The LetterEdit

In one of his letters, Anthony asked Devitt to go to their former school.


Nearly all of second chapter took place at the school. After discovering that Anthony had hanged himself, Devitt went to St. Gall to look for clues. Once he arrived, he discovered that the boarding school had become a hospital that was run by nuns. Father Ernest was in charge of the hospital, but he had gone mad. The new caretaker certainly was not acting in the patients best interests.



  • Backyard
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Beach
  • Classroom
  • Corridor (ground floor)
  • Corridor (first floor)
  • Dormitory
  • Front yard
  • Hall
  • Hospital
  • Monsignor's quarters
  • Nuns' quarters
  • Secret room

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