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Fan ratings
Platform Rating Ref
GOG 4 / 5 [1]
Steam 96% (Very Positive) [2]
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score Ranking Ref
GameRankings 82.5% [3]
Metacritic 84% #34 Best PC Game of 2016 [4]
Total* 81.9%
*Average of all known reviews that have a numeric value

Critic reviewsEdit

Adventure Gamers     80% 

Katie Smith   April 25, 2016
A must-play for those who enjoy stories about the occult, so long as you have the imagination to perceive the horror behind the pixels. Read full review

Altered Confusion     91% 

Charlie   January 2, 2017
You can be sure that there are many chapters ahead where twist, turns, and terror will lurk. Read full review

Backspin     favorable 

Alexandros   April 26, 2016  (German)
Point-and-click enthusiasts of mysterious horror should strike without hesitation. All others should at least play the teaser and consider whether those large edged pixels do not hurt too much.* Read full review

Bloody Nerd (Nerd Maldito)     favorable 

November 9, 2015  (Portuguese)
Presents an intense story that is definitely geared to adult audiences, with strong elements of terror that recreate the experience of reading a stylish mystery novel.* Read full review

CD-Action     85% 

May 2016  (Polish)
If Lovecraft and Poe could play The Last Door, they would be delighted by its remarkable atmosphere. Read full review

ChicagoNow     90% 

Cousin Jessi   June 23, 2016
Seeing a horrible creature or sight suddenly appear in front of [you] is somehow much worse when it is not in perfect focus. Read full review

Cubed3 (Android review)     70% 

Drew Hurley   June 5, 2017
Some of the puzzles are fantastic, with smart solutions and designs hitting that sweet spot between tricky and obtuse. The problem is these puzzles are in the minority, while the majority are rather mediocre - and worse yet, there are maze puzzles. Read full review

Cubed3 (PC review)     80% 

Brandon Howard   January 19, 2017
It's still got its fair share of frustrations, but it's a solid experience, and it's easily one of the best written horror games out there right now. Read full review

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Everything Is Scary     favorable 

Tim Ford   July 5, 2016
The Last Door Season 2 does what any good sequel does: builds on a solid game formula and plot, while adding to it in modest ways that enhance without alienating. Read full review     100% 

Tom Tonthat   March 30, 2016
The nostalgic graphics and simple point and click adventure game play result in a sublime continuation of “The Last Door” franchise. Read full review (dead link)

First Application (第一应用)     favorable 

Linger (灵儿)   November 3, 2015  (Chinese)
The Last Door has a unique picture style, exciting background music, a plot with ups and downs, and wonderful puzzle design.* Read full review

Free Gaming-Apps
(Kostenlose Spiele-Apps)

April 19, 2017  (German)
Sure, the puzzles are not very smart or innovative. But it has a singular mood and the action hits every note on the Lovecraft keyboard. With thanks especially to the game's mystical sonic environment, more than one shiver ran down my spine.* Read full review

GadgetSpeak     60% 

mfereday   June 15, 2016
I found that the blocky graphics made it harder to identify items that could be valuable to collect. Read full review

Game IT     90% 

Renfield   April 21, 2016  (Spanish)
The setting is sublime, evoking the feeling of being in 19th century London and being afraid to step in a puddle of some unrecognizable material on the cobblestones.* Read full review

GameBoomers     favorable 

Jenny100   May 2016
If you enjoyed The Last Door: Season One (or the individual episodes), you'll enjoy Season Two, which completes the story. Read full review

GameCritics     80% 

Daniel Weissenberger   May 4, 2016
The primitive art style transcends kitch and nostalgia, making a strong case for how it can be used as a powerful narrative tool. Read full review

The Gamers Lounge     80% 

Sam Reader   April 12, 2016
If you're in the mood for a deep, atmospheric, episodic adventure game, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. Read full review

GamersPack     85% 

Guy Yuval   April 16, 2016
The Last Door: Season 2 pulls the veil all the way back to reveal a terrifying adventure game that proves you don’t need buckets of blood, jump-scares or cutting-edge visuals to be truly and deeply scary. Read full review

Games Tribune Magazine     90% 

Laura Luna   January 23, 2017  (Spanish)
The type of terror that The Last Door presents is an elegant psychological experience, without blood or viscera, but loaded with a type of dark beauty that keeps our hearts in suspense throughout the game.* Read full review

Games vs Play     favorable 

Leigh Carr   August 4, 2016
How was I to know that a crowd funded low resolution pixel adventure game could contain such a rich and interesting story? Such adventure? Such horror? Read full review

GameSpew     90% 

Becca Smith   July 16, 2016
It’s scary, the story is amazing and weird, the music is beautiful, and overall, it was just a wonderful series. Read full review

Gamestalker     favorable 

Stefan van der Wal   January 25, 2016  (Dutch)
The lesser points do not detract from the fact that this is actually a work of art, where passion radiates from its makers.* Read full review

Gaming Cypher     80% 

Han Song   April 2, 2016
An extremely well-rounded interactive mystery with a praise-worthy mystery, spanning over multiple locations and episodes. Read full review

GamingExcellence     85% 

Nicholas Bale   June 28, 2016
Last Door: Season 2 provides a compelling conclusion to the first half of the eldritch horror adventure game, though it stumbles along the way. Read full review

Grail (     mixed 

Chris Admin   January 9, 2017  (French)
There is good in this game, but there are some elements that keep The Last Door from being excellent. What I would like is a deluxe version of the game with all the graphics redone in a 21st century style!* Read full review

Grand-screen     72.5% 

Prokopenko Sergey (Прокопенко Сергей)    (Russian)
It has excellent sound, dazzling special effects, and a non-linear plot with several branches, but no Russian translation.* Read full review

Hardcore Gamer     80% 

Alexander Chatziioannou   April 28, 2016
The Last Door: Season 2 grips you on the strength of a complex, involving story that is perfectly complemented by an array of cinematic techniques. Read full review

HeyPoorPlayer     60% 

Jay Petrequin   March 30, 2016
It’s just sad that it ends with so much less of the charm that made it’s first season stand out so well from the flock. Read full review

IGN Italia     89% 

Andrea Maderna   April 26, 2016  (Italian)
A great second half for a great graphic adventure. If you love classic horror you cannot miss it… unless you’re allergic to huge pixels. Read full review

ITCua     90% 

Yuriy Melkov (Юрий Мелков)   April 3, 2016  (Russian)
A fascinating horror-adventure game for those who are not afraid of pixels.* Read full review

Just Press Start     favorable 

Jeff Ortloff   April 20, 2016
The game is engaging and absolutely nails the setting and atmosphere, but a somewhat disappointing ending and some more questionable puzzle logic kept it from being an all-time classic. Read full review

Matronix     favorable 

November 21, 2016  (French)
This game really * surprised me. The graphics made me think of the games of my childhood, like Kyrandia 3 of which I am a big fan. These graphics make the imagination work enormously, I love it very much.* Read full review

The Mental Attic     100% 

Kevin Kutlesa   March 29, 2016
It’s not only the writing and the music (or the surprisingly detailed environments) that make the atmosphere and the game work so well, but the fact the Game Kitchen married their puzzle design to their storytelling. Read full review

Nerdy But Flirty     C+ 

kelseyr713   May 2, 2016
The Last Door Season 2 continues the wonderful creepy, unsettling atmosphere of the first game, but the unsatisfying final act along with two mazes left me feeling lukewarm. Read full review

OldGamesItalia     favorable 

Gwenelan   June 17, 2016  (Italian)
The folks at The Game Kitchen are masters of atmosphere, perfectly creating the sense of anxiety and tension that is necessary for a title of this kind.* Read full review

oprainfall     80% 

Ashley Ring   July 21, 2016
Through its clever use of storytelling and its presentation, The Last Door: Season 2 creates an excellent point and click adventure that keeps you on your toes from the moment the game starts. Read full review

Outcast     favorable 

Davide Moretto   April 29, 2016  (Italian)
The second season of The Last Door repeats the excellence of the previous season. It confirms that The Game Kitchen is capable of creating an atmosphere that other developers, with many more means, can only dream of.* Read full review

The Past Is Now     favorable 

Cabesa Freeman   November 7, 2016  (Spanish)
The plot is very strong, for me stronger than in the first season. It's more complex, it includes more characters, more locations, a coherent structure, and it's more terrifying.* Read full review

PLAY! Zine     85% 

Bojan Jovanović   April 6, 2016
Sometimes, all that’s required to make us turn on all the lights around the house are a skilled writer and sound designer. Sometimes, all that’s required is a game like Last Door. Read full review

Rubber Chicken     favorable 

Ricardo Correia   April 6, 2016  (Portuguese)
Ten years ago, perhaps no one would have believed that a game with pixel art could perfectly capture the atmosphere of terror in Poe and Lovecraft. But The Last Door may be the epitome of this retro-artistic improvement of terror.* Read full review

Skyship (Himmelskibet)     80% 

Andreas J. Søe   May 8, 2017  (Danish)
The Last Door is meant to be played repeatedly. Each time, you find out more about the game.* Read full review

technomon (تکنومون)     favorable 

April 24, 2017  (Persian)
If you are looking for immersion in a deep story, and you wish to experience a narrative without just trying to reach the end, The Last Door is the way to go.* Read full review

TechRaptor     65% 

Mark Richard   May 16, 2016
While not as captivating as the first season, The Last Door Season 2 is a solid worthwhile sequel from a team who knows their craft. Read full review

TecnoSlave     76% 

Ximena Rodero   July 9, 2016  (Spanish)
If you are looking for a calm but chilling experience, you should try this game.* Read full review

Universal Gaming Reviews     “Unmissable” 

Shaun Meyers   April 1, 2016
If you enjoyed the first season then I highly recommend playing this one too because its story is great. I did notice a few spelling errors in a couple places but the writing was excellent as was the soundtrack. Read full review (dead link)

Wei Feng:Games (威锋:游戏)     favorable 

Night Sky Watch Bear (夜空守望熊)   October 31, 2016  (Chinese)
The game uses a very retro pixel-style picture design, but it does not affect the excellent plot design.* Read full review

Personal blog reviewsEdit

Adventure’s Index     80% 

Awesome atmosphere, thanks to the great management of colored pixels.* Read full review

Adventurer’s Adventurer
(모험러의 어드벤처)
     “More than expected” 

June 16, 2016  (Korean)
Does the truth free us, or is it bound to ruin us?* Read full review

Check It Out, Comrade!     favorable 

Nick Glauber and Gary Butterfield   May 28, 2016  (Podcast)
It gives you the sense of real intense dread to actually go forward… And doing that in a game where you literally cannot die, making you not want to go forward, is really a feat. Read full review

Fragments of Silicon     favorable 

April 24, 2016  (podcast)
While the 8-bit pixel style is a bit played out in certain genres, as an adventure game it feels very fresh. Read full review

Gold-Plated Games     “Excellent” 

Audish   August 1, 2017
The Last Door captures that feeling of hopelessness in the face of the vast unknowable, while at the same time telling a very human story about temptation and hubris. Read full review

John Guy Collick     favorable 

February 12, 2017
A hugely enjoyable game for weird horror fans looking for something a bit more atmospheric and elegaic. Read full review

Klardendum     favorable 

Kain Klarden (Кейн Кларден)   March 31, 2016  (Russian)
This episodic game tells a rare type of horror that is most commonly associated with Poe and Lovecraft, with a little touch of the paranoid absurdity of Kafka.* Read full review

A Most Agreeable Pastime     favorable 

Richenbaum Fotchenstein   August 9, 2017
The well-crafted atmosphere manages to carry it surprisingly far. Not far enough that it will become one of my new favorite horror and/or adventure games, but enough to make the experience a satisfying one. Read full review

See All 11 Personal Blog Reviews

Omnireviewer     favorable 

Matthew Parsons   October 2, 2016
There are fewer truly horrifying moments in this than there were in the first season... but all in all this is a stronger game than its predecessor. Read full review

Sense of Right Alliance     favorable 

Chadd Derkins   Sept 6, 2016
But what really makes The Last Door shine is its story, which was engaging enough to keep me playing and powering through segments that might otherwise have been super frustrating. Read full review

This Cage Is Worms     favorable 

Cameron Kunzelman   Sept 12, 2016
The developers really went for it here in order to make it a coherent, special experience at the end, and I appreciate the density of knots that they went for. Read full review

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Awards and recognition Edit

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