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Fan ratings
Platform Rating Ref
GOG 4.4 / 5 [1]
Steam 96% (Overwhelmingly Positive) [2]
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score Ranking Ref
GameRankings 75.5% [3]
Metacritic 79% #78 Best PC Game of 2014 [4]
Total* 81.0%
*Average of all known reviews that have a numeric value

Critic reviewsEdit     favorable 

June 24, 2014  (Japanese)
The characters do not face an obvious threat like an attack by zombies or other monsters, but the sharp, skillful direction gave me goosebumps.* Read full review

ActualApp     favorable 

Uri   November 14, 2016  (Spanish)
If you like mysteries and solving puzzles, The Last Door was made for you.* Read full review

Adrenaline     favorable 

Diego Kerber   June 1, 2014  (Portuguese)
I have nothing against games with great graphics. I'm a fan of making video cards work. But it’s always good to see something being done differently.* Read full review

Adventure Advocate     80% 

Constantine_R   November 6, 2014  (Greek)
Many adventures have occasionally referenced H.P. Lovecraft as a source of inspiration, but how many have actually managed to deliver to our screens the chill that his short stories cause?* Read full review

Adventure Gamers     80% 

Katie Smith   July 28, 2014
The game uses extremely low-res graphics and wonderful sound direction to create an unsettling atmosphere that is well worth seeing through to the end. Read full review

Akihabara Blues     80% 

Javi-Garez   September 24, 2014  (Spanish)
The elements surrounding this masterpiece, including the theme, setting, game mode, and soundtrack, all perfectly complement an exceptional argument that leaves the mouth hanging open.* Read full review

Altered Confusion     87% 

Charlie   June 1, 2014
If you are a gamer willing to take a little bit of a step back in graphics to tangle with a story that does indeed feel like it stumbled out of something by H.P. Lovecraft, you are going to want to take this game for a spin. Read full review

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alvanista     85% 

Nandoticon   March 2016  (Portuguese)
The Last Door: Collector's Edition is relatively short, and at some moments it has the feel of an interactive series, since the puzzles are not meant to challenge you, but to help tell the story.* Read full review     87% 

J.Canonne   December 10, 2014  (French)
The Last Door is a small pearl that easily occupies the top 10 adventure games on Android.* Read full review

App4Smart     95% 

Ollie Green   November 19, 2014  (Portuguese)
The developers of The Last Door: Collector's Edition have done the impossible - they have managed to make a scary terror game with 8-bit retro graphics. Despite looking like an image from Microsoft Paint, the game has much to offer in terms of story, gameplay and player engagement.* Read full review

App Community (AppGemeinde)     90% 

March 2016  (German)
The Last Door - Collector's Edition convinced me in every respect. The atmosphere, history, and game presentation form a coherent horror adventure. I can really only criticize the absence of certain features, such as the highlighting of objects, which are sometimes difficult to detect due to the pixelated visuals.* Read full review

Ars Gaming     favorable 

Damián Centrone   May 18, 2016  (Spanish)
We are in the presence of a new franchise of horror adventure games, an inspired work that will no doubt become a classic.* Read full review

The Arts Desk     80% 

Stuart Houghton   December 5, 2014 can never quite escape the feeling that something awful is just around the next corner. Read full review

Bloody Nerd (Nerd Maldito)     favorable 

May 26, 2014  (Portuguese)
The game is worth a look, with a fantastic style and surprising atmosphere. It's easy, but very enjoyable to play.* Read full review

Brutal Gamer     70% 

Squatch   October 23, 2014
I would rate this game a 7/10 – not because it’s bad in any way, but because nothing really stands out. There are no new concepts or mechanics and nothing has really been revitalized or changed from similar genre games. Read full review

CD-Action     85% 

Aug 2014  (Polish)
I am delighted with this old school point’n’click. Unmatched atmosphere, suggestive visuals, great audio – all this is worth much more than 10 euros they’re asking. Read full review

CDR     70% 

Martin Paytok   May 26, 2014  (Czech)
It's not exactly the adventure game of the year. But if you have a free evening and an interest in Lovecraftian horror, you would definitely not be blamed for spending two hundred crowns for it on GOG.* Read full review

ChicagoNow     80% 

Cousin Jessi   January 7, 2015
I really can’t stress enough how scary this game is! Read full review

CG Magazine     80% 

Reid McCarter   July 11, 2014
Much like a good mystery novel, The Last Door grips its audience by offering fresh clues at regular intervals while still keeping the exact nature of its central secrets close to the chest. Read full review

Cliqist     favorable 

Julie Morley   May 20, 2014
Even though I anticipated many of the scares, they just became progressively more terrifying with every episode. Read full review

Cool Seven Market (酷七市场)     100% 

June 9, 2016  (Chinese)
The retro style works and the plot and gameplay are both very unique.* Read full review

Cthulhu TV     favorable 

Valkann   September 30, 2015  (French)
This game really drags us into a scenario that would not be out of place in Call of Cthulhu. The dead, twisted intrigues and strange situations are intertwined for the hero.* Read full review

Cubed Gamers     70% 

Christopher Olewicz   December 9, 2016
It’s a gripping story, but the graphics could surely be updated to mid-1980s standard, retaining the charm, but appealing to a larger audience. Read full review

Cubed3     60% 

Jordan Hurst   February 6, 2015
For anyone that really enjoys cosmic horror and can't get enough of it, The Last Door is definitely worthwhile. Read full review

Culture Games     “Quality” 

Alfoux   February 5, 2017  (French)
What is fascinating is that the game succeeds with an absolute economy of means to captivate us and provide thrills.* Read full review

DarkStation     90% 

Allen   July 23, 2014
Though brief, each episode leaves a lasting impression and drips with gothic horror and intrigue. Read full review

Dome     70% 

Pekka Leinonen   February 7, 2014  (Finnish)
The experience is like reading a classic horror story, but with chilling music for the ears. And because of the game’s visuals, you only need to read half as much text.* Read full review     favorable 

May 9, 2016  (Vietnamese)
The Last Door: Collector's Edition is not too concerned about creating images, but it has a carefully considered plot and is a strong adventure game from start to finish.* Read full review

Download (     80% 

Emrah    (Turkish)
It’s pretty simple, but The Last Door Collector’s Edition will mess with your head. If you like games that are full of fear and adventure, you must download this game.* Read full review

Entertanium     70% 

Gareth Brading   August 3, 2014
Whilst the gameplay is passable, it has excellent atmosphere and an involving, creepy story. Read full review

Eurogamer Germany     60% 

Martin Woger   May 19, 2014  (German)
I do agree that the biggest horror is the one you cannot see. But that's not the same as making essential puzzle pieces hardly distinguishable. Read full review

Everything Is Scary     favorable 

Tim Ford   August 20, 2015
The Last Door is a creepy, wonderful twist on that comfort blanket. It is playing it's own nostalgia: a fondness for Lovecraft and Poe and terror and nightmares. And it does it really, really well. Read full review

Focker Blog     90% 

February 28, 2016  (Hungarian)
This game can really be a niche for people who prefer a well-written horror story to a mindless shooting gallery of mutant zombies.* Read full review

Fulldownload (Tamindir)     100% 

Alper Çetiner   November 27, 2014  (Turkish)
The horror adventure game that we’ve been seeking for years!* Read full review

The Game Abbey
(La Abadía del Juego)

June 17, 2015  (Spanish)
The game doesn't offer anything particularly new, but it remained on our screen due to its intriguing and carefully thought-out script.* Read full review

Game Hub     90% 

November 17, 2014  (Vietnamese)
The Last Door completely lacks an attractive appearance, but hidden really deep inside is a quality game that far exceeds many superstars.* Read full review

Game Industry News     50% 

Billy White   January 31, 2015
The games themselves are great, but this collection is a little lacking. Read full review

Game Vortex     85% 

Christin Deville  
I certainly can’t say it’s going to impress anyone expecting the very best in puzzle or (modern takes on) retro games. But it has such a charm, and it really pulls you in when you give it a chance. Read full review

GameBlast     80% 

Luis Antonio Costa   May 22, 2014  (Portuguese)
The Last Door is a horror masterpiece that honors literary geniuses like Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. With a simple gameplay, look, and mechanics, the title invites the player to enter a dark world that looks like the pages of a dark nineteenth-century novel.* Read full review

GameBoomers     B+ 

Jenny100   May 2014
I'd recommend the game to any fan of Lovecraft or horror adventure games in general, provided they are OK with the low resolution graphics. The resolution is low enough that the few scenes with blood leave all the gory details to your imagination. Read full review

Gamechunder     “Recommended” 

Dan Spence   May 13, 2015
The Last Door’s greatest feature however, is the fact that it positively oozes atmosphere. The game does all it can to create a considerable sense of dread. Read full review

GameFront     80% 

The Last Door is worthy of the unflinching, lidless eye of horror and adventure fans. Be warned, though: you’ll be waiting a while for the answers Devitt seeks. Read full review (dead link)

Gamelovers (Oyungezer)     90% 

Enes K.   January 8, 2015  (Turkish)
I did not expect that a game that combined classic point & click mechanics with retro graphics would have such wonderful scenarios and editing, perfect sound and music, and Turkish support.* Read full review     70% 

Alexander Michalitsianos (Αλέξανδρος Μιχαλιτσιάνος)    (Greek)
With a haunting atmosphere that sucks the player in, this pixelized horror is an indie game well worth the try, no matter its shortcomings. Read full review

Games (Pelit)     78% 

Juho Kuorikoski   October 2, 2013  (Finnish)
This horror adventure is a suitable mood piece, but its gross overuse of pixels can become a burden.* Read full review

Games vs Play     favorable 

Leigh Carr   August 4, 2016
How was I to know that a crowd funded low resolution pixel adventure game could contain such a rich and interesting story? Such adventure? Such horror? Read full review

Games Master UK     76% 

The cliffhanger ending leaves far too many questions to be satisfying. [ Read full review]

Games Tribune Magazine     favorable 

Laura Luna   Feb 13, 2016  (Spanish)
The game's tone moves between poetry and terror, in the purest style of Poe, making the story come alive in subplots full of emotion, beauty and sorrow.* Read full review     95% 

fetrak2020 (سید ایمان احمدیان)   May 14, 2016  (Persian)
On the whole, The Last Door is a wonderful game with a compelling story and memorable characters, and which is not afraid of bold ideas.* Read full review

GameSkinny     90% 

Sida Li   March 9, 2014
The Last Door is a genuinely creepy game thanks to its excellent sound effects, music and story. Read full review

The Gaming House Amino     favorable 

Alucard   September 15, 2016  (Spanish)
I invite you to give this great game a chance and enjoy its incredible theme and history.* Read full review

GamingExcellence     80% 

Nicholas Bale   September 29, 2014
An old-school point-and-click adventure game that really uses the limitations of the genre to its benefit, The Last Door is a good piece of horror to enjoy on a darkened, cloudy day. Read full review

Geek Couple (Casal Geek)     favorable 

Gustavo Coelho   November 5, 2014  (Portuguese)
For a fan of Lovecraftian horror stories like myself, a graphic adventure enthusiast, The Last Door is a full and virtually obligatory dish. The first chapters are more trivial and almost linear, but as the game progresses the puzzles become less obvious and exploration more necessary.* Read full review

GTOGG     favorable 

Gare   February 20, 2014
Despite an odd puzzle here and there and the fact that the tale is currently incomplete, The Last Door is a solid indie title for horror/mystery fans that just oozes atmosphere… Read full review

Go-Craving (Vaya-Ansias)     65% 

Creeping   August 8, 2015  (Spanish)
It is not an adventure that pretends to compete with the greats of the genre. It’s a noticeably minor league game. It’s different, but not without charm.* Read full review

HeyPoorPlayer     80% 

Jay Petrequin   May 20, 2014
It gets creative in its world design in a lot of great ways, and the good points of its gameplay and story alike outweigh the negative points in its narrative flow. Read full review

HorrorBuzz     favorable 

Wes Cowan   March 2, 2016
It’s more than a nice surprise, it’s a breath of fresh air, showing us that some game designers actually understand not just what made those stories tick, but that they’re capable of taking that knowledge and crafting something great out of it. Read full review

Hour of Terror (Hora do Terror)     80% 

Fernando Ticon   May 22, 2014  (Portuguese)
The player soon learns to abstract the lack of details, focusing on the descriptive text, dialogue, soundtrack, and sound design elements, all of which bring the game to life and create a real sense of immersion.* Read full review (dead link)

ICXM     80% 

Jonathan Ainsworth   October 3, 2015
The Last Door is a great game with a riveting story filled with horror elements, beautiful mystery, and an amazing score. Read full review

IGN Italia     85% 

Lorenzo Baldo   June 5, 2014  (Italian)
If love a creepy atmosphere and you're a Lovecraft fan, you can't go wrong with this collection of adventures. Read full review

IGN Nordic     70% 

Joonas Pikkarainen   June 3, 2014  (Finnish)
While The Last Door is primarily an atmospheric horror game, it does not forget its roots in the adventure game genre.* Read full review

Igromania (Игромания)     80% 

Marina Minchenko (Марина Минченко)   June 5, 2014  (Russian)
Before us is a game of pure horror, with a fitting atmosphere that has been flawlessly created by the developers.* Read full review

1ndie World     favorable 

Maciej Ejsymont   April 2, 2014  (Polish)
For me, it’s the best interactive series of the year and an almost mandatory play, especially for fans of classic horror literature and good old point-and-click adventures.* Read full review

IndieMag     “Ambience of Insanity” 

Vague   December 18, 2013  (French)
The Last Door is a real jewel of an independent horror game. It bears little resemblance to popular horror games like Amnesia, being more like a pixel-art TV series that combines thrills, drama, and horror.* Read full review

indienova (独立精神)     82% 

October 31, 2014  (Chinese)
Overall, the game is simple, straightforward, and creates an excellent atmosphere.* Read full review

Joker     favorable 

Joker 251   June 2014  (Slovenian)
At five hours of gameplay, it may seem too short. However, it is more proof that less can be more, and it is recommended to old-school adventurers and lovers of mysterious journeys.* Read full review

Just Adventure     B+ 

Scott Alan   October 28, 2013
The Last Door is definitely a must-play, and if a scaredy-cat like me can make it through, anyone can. Read full review

kitchenriots     85% 

Christina Dual (Кристина Двойных)   November 26, 2014
A real godsend for those who have a kind of quivering tenderness for lonely crows and those for whom the phrase “Ph'nglui mglv'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh vgah'nagl fhtagn” has long been a credo. Read full review

Leisure Network (优游网)     favorable 

Cappuccino (卡布奇诺)   December 3, 2014  (Chinese)
In addition to the mystery of the game, which is quite challenging, the content is terrifying. From time to time, you will hear a cat crying, only to open a door and find a cat with no eyes. The sound effects create a treacherous tone and atmosphere in which you really seem to be in the house.* Read full review

Matronix     favorable 

November 21, 2016  (French)
This game really * surprised me. The graphics made me think of the games of my childhood, like Kyrandia 3 of which I am a big fan. These graphics make the imagination work enormously, I love it very much.* Read full review

The Mental Attic     “Worth Buying” 

Kevin Kutlesa   May 21, 2014
This game is much like the joke “The Aristocrats”, it’s not really about the punchline but the journey, and The Last Door’s journey is fantastic. Read full review

Mobile Apps Club     favorable 

Jimmy   October 5, 2015
The Last Door: Collector’s Edition is a challenging, time-consuming Windows Phone game. While there is room for improvement, as is, the title does have a nice level of appeal for those who enjoy mystery games. Read full review (dead link)

The Mobile Gamer (El Jugón De Móvil)     86% 

MissTrico   June 23, 2015  (Spanish)
The Last Door: Collector's Edition is one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure to analyze. For me, it’s one of the best games from Spain and the best recent game in the point'n'click genre.* Read full review

Nerdy But Flirty     B+ 

kelseyr713   May 29, 2014
The Last Door is a wonderfully atmospheric, well-polished game that fans of either horror or point-and-click adventures will enjoy. Just don’t expect any real, concrete answers by the end of the game, and be prepared for a couple of illogical puzzles. Read full review

NewMobileLife (流動日報)     favorable 

Willie   November 20, 2014  (Chinese)
Players with a weak heart should think twice before trying this game.* Read full review

November Night
(Noviembre Nocturno)

February 4, 2015  (Spanish)
The Last Door is probably one of the most appealing graphic horror adventures of recent times.* Read full review

Odisseia Gamer     100% 

Marcell Solano   October 5, 2016  (Portuguese)
The Last Door is thus a masterpiece in 8bit; a must play. It honors many of the classic authors of terror without losing its originality, with incredible visuals and a well-executed interaction.* Read full review

oprainfall     60% 

Nathan Stiles   June 19, 2014
While the game does do an adequate of setting the tone, I saw every scare coming. If you are looking for a unique story, it’s here, but if you are looking for a low graphic horror game for the scares, I’d suggest you check out something like Corpse Party instead. Read full review

The Past Is Now     favorable 

Cabesa Freeman   October 3, 2016  (Spanish)
If you like classic-style graphic adventures, horror movies and intense stories, you will definitely like it.* Read full review

PC Guru     75% 

Chocho   November 2013  (Hungarian)
The first three chapters of The Last Door proved unconvincing, and there is only one episode left until the end of the first season. However, it is tough to complete such a complex story and we hope that The Game Kitchen does not collapse under the weight of expectations.* Read full review

Penumbria     80% 

Enrique Urbina Jiménez   June 3, 2015  (Spanish)
The Last Door is a jewel of the macabre that, like any good work of art, supports re-readings that show new enriching details, and unveils new eyes that look at us from the dark.* Read full review

Pixel Generation (Generacion Pixel)     90% 

Alejandro Delgado   February 28, 2014  (Spanish)
The Last Door has nothing to envy of the adventure games from LucasArts or Sierra. It is a video game that fans of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones will enjoy.* Read full review

Pixelnostalgie     85% 

Axel Teichmann   November 27, 2014  (German)
A successful horror point and click pixel adventure in visually striking 8bit. The puzzles are old school and range from easy to complex. The game has a captivating narrative and creates an oppressive atmosphere. It is equally a celebration for retro and indie lovers.* Read full review

PodTerror     favorable 

Fortaleza Vermelha    (Portuguese)
In the 6th episode of PodTerror, we talked about The Last Door: Collector's Edition (2014), an award-winning point-and-click horror game with a retro look and an incredible story. Read full review

PopMatters     favorable 

Nick Dinicola   October 31, 2014
The Last Door is Lovecraftian in every way that a story can be. It captures the mood, the intellectual curiosity, and the slow burn escalation of dread that typifies the best of Lovecraft. Read full review     82% 

Stéfanos Koutsoúkos (Στέφανος Κουτσούκος)   May 28, 2014  (Greek)
A solid, heavily atmospheric adventure game that evokes the true gothic horror of Howard Philip Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. If you can get past the 4-bit uber-retro graphics presentation, you're in for a gripping ride to the dark side that you will not be forgetting any time soon. Read full review

Ranger (Samooja)     82% 

Julius S   Feb 2016  (Finnish)
I recommend The Last Door to enjoy on lonely nights. The seemingly simple retro cheese hides a fascinating story. It’s a game in which all the pieces seemed to fall into place. It was born under good stars and may even turn out to be some sort of indie classic.* Read full review

Reduced Entertainment
(Entretenimiento Reducido)

halconmaltes   March 26, 2017  (Spanish)
At times, it can become hopeless to find an object that is a giant monochrome pixel on a graphic background where everything else is also a giant pixel. Hence The Last Door escapes absolute perfection by a hair.* Read full review

Rely on Horror     80% 

Casper Bronmans   June 2, 2014
While The Last Door is definitely a good game, I feel that its prior status as a free-to-play title makes it a difficult sell. Read full review

RPGFan     84% 

Andrew Barker   June 8, 2014
The Last Door is one of the best horror games I have played in some time, though its short length and episodic format tends to break the mood. Read full review

Ridble     90% 

Giulio Tedesco   January 18, 2016  (Italian)
I loved the atmosphere, the history of the horror and the dreamlike colors, the captivating music and even the financing structure and transparency on the part of the Spanish team.* Read full review

ShamePile Podcast     favorable 

Lee and Sean   February 27, 2017
This is a really, really enjoyable game. If you like point and click adventure games, or you like atmospheric stories, I would definitely pick this up. Read full review

The Shelter     90% 

Rugerfred   June 10, 2014  (Italian)
The game maintains a high tension that alternates between moments of restlessness and drama. Some moments will make you literally jump out of the chair, as only profound horror can do, but remember, we are still talking about a graphic adventure.* Read full review

Sightseeing (Le Cool Valencia)     favorable 

María Pei   October 7, 2015  (Spanish)
Each discovery does not involve a progressive resolution of a mystery, but quite the contrary, a turn of the screw that in the most elegant way keeps you hooked to the screen.* Read full review

Sina Games (新浪游戏频道)     “Wonderful” 

2016-04-07  (Chinese)
A forgotten masterpiece.* Read full review

Skyship (Himmelskibet)     80% 

Andreas J. Søe   October 13, 2016  (Danish)
The game is a bit too easy, but it's thrilling and it sends shivers down the spine.* Read full review

SoulCry     85% 

May 22, 2014  (Russian)
Buy it, do not regret it! $6.99 - a mere penny for such a titanic work!* Read full review

Sublime Game Reviews     favorable 

September 11, 2016
If H.P. Lovecraft were in the indie game scene today, what he came up with would not be far off from this amazing work of art by The Game Kitchen. Read full review

technomon (تکنومون)     favorable 

April 24, 2017  (Persian)
If you are looking for immersion in a deep story, and you wish to experience a narrative without just trying to reach the end, The Last Door is the way to go.* Read full review

TecnoSlave     77% 

Juanma García   June 16, 2014  (Spanish)
Put horror, mystery, and intrigue in a shaker, add a bit of Edgar Allan Poe and Lovecraft and you get an excellent video game called "The Last Door".* Read full review

True Gamers     75% 

Giuliano Luongo   June 30, 2014  (Italian)
The Last Door is an interesting independent title that manages to keep attention without relying solely on cheap scares.* Read full review

The Type of Brush
(El Tipo de la Brocha)

October 11, 2015  (Spanish)
There are two types of people in the world: those who do not flinch playing The Last Door and those who have imaginations.* Read full review     80% 

Claudio Magistrelli   July 25, 2014  (Italian)
The skill with which these young Spaniards have been able to capture and reproduce the feeling of the point & click heyday along with the essence of the great horror masters results in a game that is well worth your time.* Read full review     favorable 

$kull   July 30, 2014  (Vietnamese)
The Last Door Collector's Edition is a classic. It’s not so much of a “jump out of your seat” game, like the Silent Hill or Resident Evil games, but it still has its own appeal.* Read full review

Vonguru     favorable 

March 25, 2015  (French)
The Last Door is a personal favorite. I highly recommend it to fans of adventure games that shake the emotions and make you think. The game pays tribute to the classics of the 90s and it feels good.* Read full review

WeChat (微信公)     favorable 

Best App (最美应用)    (Chinese)
If you like the horror suspense novels or movies, we really recommend giving it a try.* Read full review

Wei Feng:Games (威锋:游戏)     mixed 

steps_1987   November 26, 2014  (Chinese)
The environmental sounds and the excellent plot are commendable. But if you want a visual experience, this might not be the game for you.* Read full review

WFun (智机网)     80% 

L Gou Lan (L勾澜)   December 23, 2015  (Chinese)
Do you remember when you were a child, lying in bed with dark twisted shadows that you imagined were monsters? “The Last Door” uses the same visual horror principle. It takes advantage of the pixelated screen to hide strange shapes in the shadows, so that your imagination terrifies you.* Read full review

Windows Central     90% 

George Ponder   October 5, 2015
The graphics have a retro feel and while a little on the dark side, they help set the mood for the game. The soundtrack has a Dark Shadows feel to it that doesn't hurt either. Game play does have a scavenger hunt feel and your skills at deduction are tested more than your skills at tapping the screen. Read full review

World of Computers (Svet Kompjutera)     73% 

Aleksandar Djuric (Đurić)   April 2014  (Serbian)
The Last Door is a Lovecraftian horror adventure that has average puzzles and a confusing scenario, but great atmosphere.* Read full review

YourGame (SeuGame)     favorable 

Bruna Cardoso    (Portuguese)
This game is for people who prefer history over graphics in a game and who are looking for an amazing and tragic story.* Read full review

Z-Games (Z-Giochi)     80% 

Fabio Cecco D'Ortona   May 29, 2014  (Italian)
The Victorian-era English environment, the mysteries, and the occult all help The Last Door enter the group of the most significant adventures of recent times. However, it is limited by backtracking that sometimes feels too forced, which could be frustrating to novices.* Read full review

Personal blog reviewsEdit

4ndroblog     90% 

June 5, 2014
I love, love love love, this game and cannot wait for the next season. It would be better had it been longer but they’re bringing more out so it’s all good. Read full review

8 Bit Revolution (Revolução 8 Bits)     favorable 

Daniel Vasconcelos   June 7, 2014  (Portuguese)
The game needs to be appreciated, slowly and very carefully, because in each new scenario we find countless new tributes.* Read full review

Adventurer's Adventurer
(모험러의 어드벤처)

June 16, 2016  (Korean)
The music and pixel art go well with the game's atmosphere. The puzzles require little thought, making the game akin to reading a visual novel. The visuals, however, are stunning.* Read full review

Adventures in Vanaheim     favorable 

October 22, 2014
If you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft or you just like atmospheric horror games, The Last Door will keep you up at night. Read full review

Cookies, Cream and Mint     favorable 

Daniela Silva   February 8, 2016  (Portuguese)
The Last Door has mystery, clues, hidden walls, locked doors, a spine-chilling soundtrack and an intriguing story that made me want to keep playing. I highly recommend the first season for those who like escape games and mysteries, and do not let the graphics disappoint you.* Read full review

See All 20 Personal Blog Reviews

Il Cronobinetto     favorable 

dave182   August 5, 2014  (Italian)
It’s no struggle to say that The Last Door sits comfortably on the top shelf of all the games that I've played in the last 12 months.* Read full review

Diary of Terror (Diario de Terror)     60% 

March 17, 2014  (Spanish)
You will get stuck, you will get angry, but you will enjoy it until the end.* Read full review

Faust Plays     90% 

Marcel Faust  
You can’t really go wrong with The Last Door. Its graphics and sound make up for a great journey into a story that even Lovecraft himself would call a masterpiece. Read full review

Game Over     favorable 

Kutarck (쿠타르크의)   October 29, 2015  (Korean)
The pixelation creates a really good horror atmosphere that made me feel as though I had lost connection with reality.* Read full review

The Graphic Adventure
(La Aventura Gráfica)

Ignacio Lopez   October 26, 2014  (Spanish)
The spiritual successor of Shadow of the Comet and a story that could have come from the pen of H.P. Lovecraft.* Read full review

John Guy Collick     favorable 

February 12, 2017
A hugely enjoyable game for weird horror fans looking for something a bit more atmospheric and elegaic. Read full review

Klardendum     favorable 

Kain Klarden (Кейн Кларден)   October 20, 2015  (Russian)
Despite the obvious love for Lovecraft, the game not only references horror classics (which are not limited to Lovecraft and Poe), but also creates its own distinct atmosphere and storyline.* Read full review

A Most Agreeable Pastime     favorable 

Richenbaum Fotchenstein   August 9, 2017
The well-crafted atmosphere manages to carry it surprisingly far. Not far enough that it will become one of my new favorite horror and/or adventure games, but enough to make the experience a satisfying one. Read full review

Omnireviewer     favorable 

Matthew Parsons   September 25, 2016
It’s like what Scott McCloud writes about the power of cartoons: you can impose yourself onto a figure without much detail. It’s a tremendously effective technique to draw on in a horror game, because it makes the terror that much more visceral. Read full review

Rotary Wheel (自轉輪)     favorable 

otis1999   July 20, 2015  (Chinese)
The game fully grasps that “the unknown” is the greatest fear in the world of Lovecraft. Each episode brings an explosion of information, but the central mystery is never revealed.* Read full review

Sense of Right Alliance     favorable 

Chadd Derkins   Sept 6, 2016
But what really makes The Last Door shine is its story, which was engaging enough to keep me playing and powering through segments that might otherwise have been super frustrating. Read full review

Skritz     90% 

March 28, 2015  (French)
The Last Door is a great surprise. Featuring stunning graphics in pixel art, an incredible sound atmosphere, and above all a dark atmosphere, it houses a very successful story!* Read full review

Sugoi Kawaii Life     90% 

Paulisuki   March 13, 2016  (Spanish)
The Last Door is one of the best games of psychological terror that I have had the pleasure of trying. Finishing it leaves you empty and wanting more.* Read full review

Tablets e Games     90% 

Tiago   August 22, 2016  (Portuguese)
A game with an almost cinematic production, a very involving history, and full of mysteries and inexplicable deaths.* Read full review

This Cage Is Worms     favorable 

Cameron Kunzelman   January 27, 2016
The Last Door sells itself as a vehicle for Lovecraftianism, but it hits something very close to the feeling of The Ninth Gate. It’s wonderful, and if you like that, you should check it out. Read full review

* Translated by The Last Door Wiki using Google Translate

Awards and recognition Edit

See Awards and Recognition for The Last Door.

Walkthroughs Edit


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