At some point, The Playwright had a secret meeting place at Paul Street 26. When Wakefield investigated, he found a strange machine that was attached to a mask and an empty robe. He also found lists of numbers and mathematical formulae that used odd symbols. Something, maybe a robot, tried to interfere with him (Chapter 5). Perhaps this room was the location of an early, aborted attempt to enter the Veil using a machine. Or maybe it represents the efforts of the Playwright to continue their research without Alexandre.

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Wakefield also found a bookshelf that contained "doubtful treatises in chemistry and alchemy." These books included Trithemius's De Lapide Philosophico, Geber's De Inventione Veritatis, the anonymous work Turba Philosophorum, and Ludwig Prinn's Mysteries of the Worm. These are all real books about alchemy, except for the Prinn, which is a fictional book about summoning monsters. (The book first appeared in The Shambler from the Stars, a short story by Robert Bloch.)

Paul Street in the 21st CenturyEdit

Paul Street is in central London, just north of the traditional City of London. As of 2015, Paul Street 26 is the home of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.