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Ms. Parnell is the main character of the mini-episode Wanderer in the Fog.  It is implied that Baldwin attacked her in the same way that he attacked Devitt. She survived and recounted her experiences to Kaufmann. She showed Kaufmann a tarot card that she said she had received while in the Veil.

Her experience in the Veil was similar to Devitt’s. At first, she found herself in a coffin. Then she traveled through a memory, a deserted city (Aberdeen), a heavy mist, and finally a beach. She encountered three people in the city. Like Devitt, she had a mysterious guide. Unlike Devitt, her guide was a woman who gave her a tarot card and apparently led her to the Simurg.

She also seems similar to Devitt in other respects. For example, she said that she had not returned to her parent’s house since they sent her to school.

She might be the patient in Chapter 2 that briefly spoke to Devitt before falling asleep. That patient said,

"There was a rhythmic sound, like a breathing... Last night I felt an increasing pressure on my temples; something dry and rough like tree bark brushed against my leg and I saw something on the wall, like a growing shadow... I lit the lamp and there was nothing."