A large stone lighthouse is perched on the northern shore of Éilís Mór. When Wakefield arrived, the lighthouse was not operational. He read Brighid's diary and realized that he had to activate the lighthouse in order to find the secret passage to the Cronemeadan.

He saw the lighthouse from a hill as he was chasing a ribbon that was snatched by the wind. As he approached the lighthouse, he saw a Wickerman hanging from a tree. The lighthouse was closed, but after Wakefield banged on a pipe, the Lighthouse keeper opened the door. They had a conversation in which Wakefield learned that the villagers were very superstitious and xenophobic. Especially Lord Dónnan, who is not fond of anything coming from outside the island.

A few years earlier, there was a strange accident in which the lighthouse lamp suddenly stopped working, and then suddenly flared up again. The accident left the keeper capable of seeing only shadows and vague shapes. As the villagers did not care for anything outside of the island, the lighthouse was never repaired.

Wakefield was able to recharge the lighthouse battery, replace a missing cog, and lubricate the clockwork mechanism. After these repairs, the lighthouse became functional again. Wakefield used the illumination to locate a mural painting in the old abbey.

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Lighthouse 3