This article is about the captain in Wickport. For the captain in London, see Captain Skidd. For the caretaker at St. Gall, see Frank Baldwin.

Captain Frank Morvell is one of the villagers who was heavily (but indirectly) affected by Wright's experiments. When he was introduced in Chapter 6, he was a drunk who had lost his way and had become a regular at the Fisherman's Lodge. In the words of Eva, the bartender, Frank is a sad drunk.

Morvell used to be the captain of a ship named 'Augustine'. One night, during a thick fog, he heard hellish sounds and was gravely induced with fear. It's possible that this was the same night that Hugo Ashdown walked through the Veil and turned into a monster. Morvell may have been caught in the mist and heard the screams of Hugo. Morvell managed to get on shore alive, but he lost his ship during the process. He never had the courage to look for his beloved Augustine again. When Wakefield found the shipwreck, Morvell rewarded him with an old but functional telescope.