This article is about the caretaker at St. Gall. For the captain in Wickport, see Frank Morvell.

Frank Baldwin is the caretaker at St. Gall. He was hired by Father Ernest when St. Gall changed from a boarding school to an hospital. He is first seen in Chapter 2, digging graves in the backyard. When Devitt talks with him, Baldwin observes there have been many recent deaths in hospital. He claims that Father Ernest explicitly asked the nuns to hire him as caretaker.

The patients do not trust Baldwin. One even leaves a note with the sentence "Baldwin Lies" written all over it. Devitt discovers that Baldwin and Farther Ernest are connected to the high death rate. Their activities have some mysterious connection with the Veil and Ernest's boundless curiosity and desire to return there.

When Devitt discovers the scheme of Baldwin and Ernest, the latter set himself ablaze. Baldwin decides Devitt knows too much and hits him on the head with a hammer. He then proceeds to bury Devitt alive. Luckily for Devitt, the nuns discover this in time and rescue him. Later, Alexandre tells Devitt that this was not just luck, but he was probably protected by the Bird King.

Later, Baldwin is sentenced to death by hanging and is executed for his crimes.


Baldwin in the backyard