The Cronemeadan is at the bottom of a large hole in the ground on the island Éilís Mór.

Tales about the Cronemeadan Edit


Legends say the Cronemeadan is the lair of the Crooked One, also known as the devil. Superstitious villagers used to throw livestock into the pit to placate it. Also according to legend, the last heir of the Laidcends challenged the devil while wearing an iron amulet. The Crooked One did not respond immediately, as beings from the Other Side detest iron. But a few days later, the Laidcend home caught ablaze, ending that lineage.


Facts about the Cronemeadan Edit

The Cronemeadan is a burial ground for the Laidcends and a portal where the Veil is probably easier lifted. The bottom can be reached through a secret passage from the Old Abbey.

Brighid visited the bottom and discovered that her aunt was partially transformed.

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In Chapter 7, Wakefield discovered the Cronemeadan and became trapped in the Veil.

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