I must forget nothing
Everything must be set
When the time comes
And I am visited again
— Professor Wright

Professor Adam Wright is an old friend and the mentor of Kaufmann. He has a manor in Wickport and lives together with his housekeeper Mrs. Oakwood. Because of ailment he is confined to his bed most of the time and lost most of his memory. It is very likely his illness is induced due to his experiments with the Veil. His mental disintegration is very similar to the symptoms Alexandre and Anthony experienced.

Years before Wakefield and Kaufmann visit the professor. Wright was involved into experiments regarding the Veil and the Simurg. This becomes clear after Kaufmann finds a note in Wright's secret study.

It's probably Alexandre who engaged the professor, on behalf of The Playwright, in order to explore the possibilities regarding the veil together. Wright used the caverns beneath his mansion and his family's summerhouse for the experiment. Instead of using a serum Wright wanted to lift the veil by using primal fear. He got his idea from a Greek philosopher. Who basically stated that we need to take a step back in order to advance. We must regress to our primal fear to lift the Veil and see the truth.

The subject that was used for this experiment is presumed to be Hugo Ashdown. Hugo is also presumed to be the fourth witness to Beechworths experiment. By entering the Veil, Hugo changed in a creature that resembles an extraterrestrial hand. Through the communication devices found in Wrights attic and in the caverns piano tunes can still be heard. This indicates Hugo's love for piano music remains. Wakefield also stated that when he was confronted with the monster, he could distinguish human regret from the scream the monster outed.

With Hugo turning into a monster the experiment took a turn for the worst. Wright destroyed the tunnel between his house and the caverns to prevent the monster from getting out. After this experience the professor slowly lost all his sanity. He somehow managed to construct a riddle dedicated to "my dearest visitor" (which is most likely Kaufmann). The riddle is a sequence of smaller riddles which should lead the visitor to the destroyed tunnel in the basement and eventually to the secret second entrance below the ruins of Wrights summerhouse. This visitor should unravel the mystery and solve what Wright was not able to do.

Wright dies, presumably of an heart attack, shortly after Wakefield and Kaufmann hypnotize him to reveal things from the past.

  • Wright has a figurine named sergeant Downing. This figurine revers to a riddle regarding Wrights travel books and the hidden compartment in the globe.
  • Just like Alexandre, Wright is hunted by unknown and unseen beings.