Éilís Mór (pronounced "Ale-ish-more") is an isolated Irish island. Kaufmann tells Wakefield by letter that the island harbors a sanctuary of interest. The sanctuary is called the Cronemeadan, or sanctuary of the Crooked One. It is a huge hole in the ground near an ancient Roman ruin. Rumour holds that the Devil himself resides down the pit and tries to lure people inside.

Besides the sanctuary, the island has a village with a school and a graveyard, a lighthouse, a big marsh and some scattered houses. The man who seems to be in charge of the island is Lord Donnán, who lives in a mansion just outside the village. The family Laidcend used to be prominent family with their own sanctuary // crypt.

The island inhabitants are very superstitious and believe their island has a strong connection with the spirit realm. They believe that at certain times the connection becomes very strong and that spirits will pass the village by in large numbers. In order to not be noticed by the spirits, the villagers dress up as monsters. This ritual is called the Festival of Reunion and is very similar to Halloween. Villagers also bury their mirrors close to old Fearnóg trees. They believe mirrors have captured their essence and will reveal their identity to the spirits. Villagers should however not stay to long near Fearnóg trees. The resin scent that comes from the trees attract spirits.

Another superstition is that villagers believe the marsh is inhabited, by creatures called marsh dwellers. These goblin-like creatures want nothing more than to lure unknowing villagers into the marsh.

One of the legends of the island states that the last member of the Laidcend family challenged the Crooked One while wearing iron. Because beings of the Other Side detest iron, the Crooked One did not respond immediately. But a few days after the challenge, the solitary house of the Laidcends was set ablaze by the demon. This probably ended the lineage of the Laidcends.


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